"Madi is every trainers dream student. She is wise beyond her years, has an outstanding work ethic, a great attitude and natural riding talent. Madi will be the first one at the barn in the morning, always punctual, ready to go, and willing to put in the work. She is always helpful around the barn, setting jumps, and cleaning tack. Madi has a soft feel and natural talent as a rider that you cannot teach. I can put her on any type of horse, knowing she will always figure them out. She takes her emotions out of her riding to really listen to the horse and figures out what they need. She can roll with anything you throw at her and uses a level head to work through any challenge. Madi makes some of the more difficult horses in the barn look easy, every horse loves Madi. Madi is organized at horse shows, is always at the ring on time and knows her course. She supports her fellow barn mates, and is a great team player. Madi can always put a smile on your face and she would be a huge asset to any riding team!"

- Tasha Visokay, Trainer, Ingenium Farm

"My name is Karen Healey. I’ve been a professional horse and rider trainer for those interested in high end showing. My students have won the Talent Search Finals 14 times, they have won innumerable West  Coast championships, including the zone 8 regional finals as well as winning the 1990 Maclay Finals and many top 10 finishes in all 3 of the major 3’6” finals(USEF Medal, the WIHS medal and the ASPCA Maclay). 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Madison Nadolenco since she was 10. From the beginning, it was very clear that she had a natural feel and great empathy with the horses. She also has grit and determination which is very rare in a child that young. Without ever loosing sight of the real reason we do this, which is the love of the horse, she also has the ability to square her jaw( I call it the Leslie Howard game face) and go into the ring and produce under pressure. 

All of these qualities would make Madison a top choice for any team, but she also is a warm, compassionate individual who would do anything for any of her group

- Karen Healey, Trainer, Karen Healey Training 

"I was impressed by Madison Nadolenco during a jumping clinic I gave in Los Angeles in the summer of 2019. It came to my attention immediately that she has the natural feel that most riders dream of. Madison has a beautiful position on the horse and a great eye for the distance, which has already been recognized by judges, resulting in her success. In addition, it was apparent to me that Madison is an excellent student, able to quickly understand my teaching method and to translate it to her riding. Madison is a poised young lady who demonstrates the dedication and determination it takes to make it to the top."

- Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, 3x Olympian, 3x World Cup Champion